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City Church Beebe started out in 2015, by members of City Church in Conway, who were being obedient to the Great Commission and discipling on job sites. Job site devotions and prayer led to an in home bible study, to a called out church. God put in the desire of our Pastor, Jonathan, during that time to lead the church. God called our Associate Pastor, Jacob, to the ministry two years previous, in 2013, at a service at City Church in Conway. After the decision to plant a church was made, believers gathered in the home of our pastor Jonathan and his wife Tracy, for three years, preparing, praying and waiting for God to open a door to meet in the heart of Beebe. During that time, the church grew in fellowship, discipled and lead eight people to come to know Jesus Christ, adding to the church body. As of April 2018, a building has been found to worship in Downtown Beebe, and we are anxiously waiting our opening day to connect, serve, and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. Come join the movement!